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How to find peace in our inner world when there is none or so little in the world in which we live and

How we can find peace in this world when we find we lack enough inside ourselves?

How can we be a refuge for ourselves and the natural world?

How do we find greater ease in our life regardless of our personal situation?

How do we let go of whatever we no longer need?

How do we keep our mind stay sharp and clear until our last day?

How do we come back to ourselves, get grounded and centred in ourselves when we are on the edge, over the edge or feel empty inside?

Hello and welcome to our safe and happy setting for learning and practising Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness - Heart-Mind-Body Awareness with Anxiety & Depression Relief focus in Ascot & surroundings. This practice is for people of all ages - Children & Teens, Young Adults and other adults, Retirees & Seniors who are interested in studying themselves regardless age, gender, religion,  body type or injury.

My name is Uyên Vu and my deepest desire is entirely to help you settling into yourself and the natural world, releasing the anxiety and depression, finding yourself again, finding joy in ordinary things and living-breathing-moving a fuller and happier life. From my heart, I want to help you to find ways to relax, stay focus, get out of stuck-ness, let go of anxiety, depression, stress, have a peaceful mind and move your body, your emotions, worries, fears, aches & pains, feeling better in yourself and be able to move on from crisis, grief, sorrows. Through the practice, you are able to build a strong connection with the depth of yourself and nature, come back to yourself anytime you want to - especially when you get lost in your thoughts, find your inner peace, deepen your capacity for love, being present, rooted and grounded, have joy in ordinary things and a calmer mind. This healing art and experiential practice opens vital ways for you to connect to your inner wisdom, let go of psychological pressures, anxiety, depression, become more supple and have a chance to discover both your internal and external strength and joy.


Come and explore this wonderful journey into yourself! Let's me take you on this holistic and therapeutic Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness  journey – a practice to awaken you to yourself! Classes and courses at my studio in Ascot are for small groups of up to 8 people and I run private one to one or private group lessons too. Alternatively, I can come to you so you can practice in your own familiar surroundings. 


I am a  very experienced, highly qualified and well-trained Mindfulness teacher for children, teens and young adults and Yoga & Meditation teacher for everyone from 3 to 93 years old.  I am fully insured, have an enhanced DBS check, safeguarding trained, mental health first aid trained and a dedicated and passionate educator. I am happy to hear from you about teaching Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness in Ascot, Bracknell & surroundings to support and improve physical-mental-emotional-social health, especially who are from 7 to 93+ years old may be facing physical challenges or feeling stuck, find difficult to relax or stay focus, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. If you are new to me, please do have a quick look at some of the reviews from schools, parents and others on Google, Uyen Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness Facebook page and on the Yoga Alliance Professional (UK) website. 


Have a fantastic day and I look forward very much to seeing you soon! Uyen

Self-care taking practice for your emotional & social, physical & mental health

Our practice has a non-religious focus but brings awareness and understanding of the deep workings of your mind-heart-body. I  want from my heart to help you to build in a genuine self-care taking practice for you to be present, deep connection with yourself and nature, take good care of your emotional-social, physical-mental health. Explore, play, inquiry, attune and heart activities (physical and energetic heart) are the main focus in our practice.  I offer 10% off for all NHS staffCome & try us - you'll love it!

Ascot Anxiety & Depression Relief for Teens | 8-week  Beginner Mindfulness course

Based on Mindfulness in Schools Project's curriculum (Misp)

  • For Year 5 -  Year 7 (10 - 12 years old).

  • For Year 8 - Year 10 (13 - 15 years old).

  • For Year 11 - Year 13 (16 - 18 years old).

Ascot Anxiety & Depression Relief for Young Adults |  15- 22 years old

Learning about your body, your movement and how your body, mid ad emotions might all relate.

8-week  Beginner Body-Mind Awareness course (both in stillness and in motion) | A course for just focus on yourself!

Peace Maker at Corporates and Conferences' meetings 

Ascot Yoga & Meditation One-weekend Retreat & workshops - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice

  • Beginner REST & RESTORE course for those who find difficult to swich off.

  • The Heart of Awe.

8-week Ascot Beginner courses - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice

  • 8-week Beginner Yoga & Meditation course | Relaxing & Revitalizing.

  • 8-week Beginner Meditation course | A fresh and peaceful mind.

Ascot Yoga & Meditation group class (indoor) - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice

  • Anxiety Relief & Better Sleeping practice - Beginners Breath awareness class.

  • Stretch, Strength & Fluidity class for Beginners only.

  • Stretch, Strength & Fluidity class for Intermediate plus.

  • Seniors Beginner Chair Yoga & Meditation.


Anxiety & Depression Relief practice - Ascot Meditation on chair or cushion 

  • Beginner Meditation | Peace and Calmness

  • Experienced Meditation  | The Inner Eyes.

Ascot Dance Meditation (18 to 90+ years old) | Retrieving your soul

Outdoor Yoga & Meditation  for Anxiety & Depression Relief:​​

  • Garden outdoor Beginner Yoga & Meditation and Yoga & Meditation for Inter mediate plus level.

  • Walking Meditation in Ascot,  Bracknell and surroundings (including Awe Walk and Meditation on picnic chair or woodland floor as your choice).


Live-on-Zoom Weekend Yoga & Meditation retreats - access recording

  • Yoga & Meditation for Grief - A compassionate & loving heart |  Saturday 2nd December 2023

         To honour, remember and to be at peace.

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02 Stretch, Strength & Fluidity class - Intermeditate plus_Yoga & Meditation.jpg
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01 8-week Beginner Friday_Yoga & Meditation RELAX course.jpg
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01 8-week Beginner Wed afternoon_Yoga & Meditation Stretch & Strength course.jpg
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 Uyen is such a lovely, generous, patient teacher who is full of smiles! She ran a yoga and mindfulness class for a group of school students and she was able to keep everyone engaged and feeling incredibly relaxed afterwards. I would absolutely recommend her child and teen yoga classes.
N. Conde - St.George's school in Ascot

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