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How to find peace in our inner world when there is none or so little in the world in which we live?

How we can find peace in this world when we find we lack enough inside ourselves?

How do we find greater ease in our life regardless of our personal situation?

How do we let go of whatever we no longer need?

How do we come back to ourselves, get grounded and centred in ourselves when we are on the edge,

over the edge or feel empty inside?

How to stay present in now?

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Hi, I'm Uyên Vu , a passionate heart-and-soul yoga meditation mindfulness practitioner with over three decades of practice and experience and I came from Vietnam. My journey has taken me through a blend of ancient and modern Western and Eastern practices, exploring human anatomy, embryology & cells choreography, psychology, physical and energetic connections, perceptual and movement inquiry, and consciousness.


I specialise in somatic and embodied movement, body perception, body of relating, fluid body, stress, anxiety and depression relief, sensations-experiences, chronic muscular tensions, expression, breath, relaxation and interconnection with forever changing living nature.


My goal is to help you find ways to support yourself and peace within you and the world around you through exploration, inquiry with curiosity and lot of kindness. Whether you're looking to ease anxiety, release stress, or connect with your inner self, I'm here to guide you. Together, we can navigate life's challenges, build resilience and inner peace. Everything I do is designed to enable you to help yourself to:

  • Slow down, to feel, to sense, to ground and be centering.

  • Relax, loosen up and resilient.

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Be happier and find inner peace.

  • Enhance your focus and a clear mind.

  • Respond and rebuild when confronted with strong emotions and life challenges.

  • Connect to the intelligence of all organic life that still lives in you.

  • To move through life with great ease and comfort.

  • Learn and enhance your own yoga meditation mindfulness practice.


I'm fully insured and have learned and trained in both Vietnam and the UK. I've studied under influential teachers and continually expand my knowledge in relevant fields such as perception practice, embodied anatomy, and mindfulness. I hold certifications in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, to teach and work with people of all ages. My specialist training and knowledge includes:

  • Teaching yoga meditation to all people from 7 to 93+ years old who are interested to learn or enhance their yoga meditation practice. I am a recognised member and Senior Yoga teacher of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • I have a real passion and drive to work with children and young people and support on their journey through school and life. This led me to train with and be recognised by the well-respected Mindfulness in Schools Project and have focused on working with two age groups 7-11 and 11-18. Mindfulness in schools delivers a toolkit that can anchor a child for life, rather than a quick fix they forget just as fast as they learnt it. I can work with both students and teaching staff to bring mindfulness to young people and, potentially, to develop a culture shift in a school’s approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing.

  • To build on my passion for working with young adults as I grow I am a qualified Teen Yoga teacher.

  • I am fully insured, have an enhanced DBS check, safeguarding trained, mental health first aid trained.

  • In Vietnam, I practiced Ananda Marga Yoga – connecting heart-mind-body – with Mrs. Khanh Kakyani & Mrs. Cuu Karuna and I still frequent receives support from these two amazing teachers. I have practiced mindfulness meditation - Mindful living - through the teachings of Thay Thich Nhat Hanh since she was very young in Vietnam and carried on my dive deeply into the human mind with the teaching from Jiddu Krishnamurti, Fluid Body and Body of Relating from Emile Condrad Continuum Movement and life itself. 


  • I am on my ongoing studying with the teachings from Susan Harper for Perception practices, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen - cellular consciousness & embryo development process (Body-Mind Centering), Amy Matthews - Embodied anatomy & Embryology, Michael Meade (Living Myth), Gil Hedley (Dissector), Susan Bauer (Embodied Teen), David Zemach-Bersin (Feldenkrais Method), Michael Molin Skelton (Soul Motion dance), Gabrielle Roth (5Rhythms emotion-dance), Hoa thuong Thich Giac Khang (Vietnamese monk) and my clients to open up a natural way of addressing one's health, vitality and possibilities. 

I am happy to hear from you about teaching Yoga Meditation Mindfulness in Ascot, Bracknell & surroundings to support and improve physical-mental-emotional-social health, especially who are from 7 to 93+ years old may be facing physical challenges or feeling stuck, find difficult to relax or stay focus, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. If you are new to me, please do have a quick look at some of the reviews from schools, parents and others on Google, Facebook page and on the Yoga Alliance Professional (UK) website. 

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Self-care taking practice for your emotional & social, physical & mental health

Our practice has a non-religious focus but brings awareness and understanding of the deep workings of your mind-heart-body. I  want from my heart to help you to build in a genuine self-care taking practice for you to be present, deep connection with yourself and nature, take good care of your emotional-social, physical-mental health. Explore, play, inquiry, attune and heart activities (physical and energetic heart) are the main focus in our practice.  I offer 10% off for all NHS staff. Come & try us - you'll love it!

Mini Mastermind club in Ascot for children & young adults (10 to 22 years old) with Anxiety & Depression relief focus)

Quiz, games, fun and engaged activities for you to learn about your body, your movement and how your body, mind and emotions might all relate either in movements or stillness.

8-week  Beginner Mindfulness course for 10 to 18 years old

  • For Year 5 -  Year 7 (10 - 12 years old).

  • For Year 8 - Year 10 (13 - 15 years old).

  • For Year 11 - Year 13 (16 - 18 years old).

8-week  Beginner Yoga & Mindfulness-Meditation course for 15 to 22 years old.

Peace Maker at Corporates and Conferences' meetings 

Ascot Yoga & Meditation One-weekend Retreat & workshops - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice

  • Beginner REST & RESTORE course for those who find difficult to swich off.

  • The Heart of Awe.

8-week Ascot Beginner courses - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice

  • Friday Beginner Yoga & Meditation course | The Body of Relating.

  • Saturday mornings Beginner Yoga & Meditation course | Resilience for your energetic and physical heart.

  • Saturday afternoons Beginner Meditation course | Heart of Awe & Mind of Peace.


Ascot Yoga & Meditation group class (indoor) - Anxiety & Depression Relief practice​ - Loosen up & Getting Stronger

  • Anxiety Relief & Better Sleeping practice - Beginners Breath awareness class.

  • Beginners Yoga & Meditation & Yoga & Meditation for Intermediate plus.

  • Seniors Beginner Chair Yoga & Meditation.​

Ascot Garden Yoga & Meditation group class (outdoor) -

  • Anxiety & Depression Relief practice​ - Mixed ability.

Anxiety & Depression Relief practice - Ascot Meditation on chair or cushion 

  • Beginner Meditation | Peace and Calmness

  • Experienced Meditation  | The Inner Eyes.

Anxiety & Depression Relief practice - Dance Meditation | Moving in and Moving through.

Flexible 4-week Morning Wellbeing Membership | lots of choices for Meditation class (from Beginners to Experiences), Yoga & Meditation class with focus on body tension relief (slow paced practice) & fluid body (dynamic flow practice), Dancing Meditation (moving in & moving through) and Woodland walking & sitting meditation.

  • 8 lessons (£80) | 12 lessons (£108) | 18 lessons (£128) for 4-week

  • or pay per lesson or a block of 5 lessons.

North Ascot Walking  & Sitting Meditation | Fridays 2.00pm - 3.30pm | Route: parking and meeting up at Ascot Jubilee playground Goaters Road, Englemere pond, Ascot (All Saints) Churchyard Extension and back to Goaters Road.

Yoga & Meditation retreats

  • Live-in-Zoom end-of-year Yoga & Meditation retreat for Grief - A compassionate & loving heart |  To honour, remember and to be at peace.

  • In person Half of day Beginner Yoga & Meditation Sunday retreat for those who find difficult to relax | Heart of Awe.

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02 Stretch, Strength & Fluidity class - Intermeditate plus_Yoga & Meditation.jpg
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