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Welcome to a safe and happy learning, practising environment for Children & Young Adults, Adults & Seniors! 


Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation (Heart, Mind, Body awareness) is one of many wonderful healing, self-discovery and be present practices. It helps you having a conscious-present mind, full awareness of your whole body with great comfort and ease in yourself. It is a practice for you to connect your inner self - inner wisdom, letting go of daily psychological pressures, let go of anxiety, being more supple and discovering both your inside and outside strength and joy.

How can we find peace in our inner-world when there is none in the outer world? How can we find peace in the outer world when there isn't any inside us? How can we be a refuge for ourselves and the Earth? How do we find greater ease in our lives regardless of our personal situation? Is it possible live with a sense of fully presence that is underneath to support any action we do in life? To get there, I would like to take you on a therapeutic & holistic journey of Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation.  The practices open vital new ways of perceiving creative imagination, and a deep capacity for presence, resonance, and love.

I'm very passionate to help you to awakening & healing what you might heavily carry in your heart and finding your uniqueness, sense of ground, stability, purposes, resilience, clarity and peace in yourself and less pain and tension in your body, bringing more fluidity and possibilities for your body-mind. I can help you to build a meaningful self-care taking practice so that you can slow down, relax, soften your heart, have a sense of centre & balance, listen to your body, have a peaceful mind, connect to the depth of your heart and rhythmic of your body, move and enjoy your daily living with greater ease and comfort, be less worry, anxious and stress. Once maintaining the practice, you will regain a sense of wellbeing, happiness, joy, releasing psychological pressure and begin to heal your psychological wounds & physical wounds whatever age you are. 

After each session - with lots of laughter too, you will have a real, deep caring practice towards yourself, feeling alive & positive, and content. At the same time, you'll regenerated and hydrate your bones and tissues, become more supple as well as breathe and sleep better, moving with greater ease and comfort and feeling fully alive. This will result a happier, loving, creative, strength, resilient, endurance, more peaceful and confident way of life with joy, focus and clarity. The sessions are available to all learners regardless of age, genders, body types, and of course - all abilities are welcome! 

I am happy to hear from you about teaching Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness to improve wellbeing & mental health for Children & Young Adults, Adults & Seniors, especially those who may be facing challenges, chronic stress, anxiety or traumas in early age. This could be private one-to-one,  family or in groups, schools, offices , hospitals and clinics. I am also an independence Mindfulness teacher class-room based, having trained with Mindfulness in schools project (Misp) to deliver Mindfulness courses for children and young adults (7 - 18 years old)I am a fully insured, have an enhanced DBS check, safeguarding trained, Mental Health first aid trained, a qualified, dedicated and passionate educator.


If you are new to Uyen, please do have a quick look at some of the reviews from schools, parents and other people on Google, Uyen Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation Facebook page, and on the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) website.  Have wonderful day and I look forward very much to seeing you!



Self-care taking practice for your emotional & social, physical & mental health

Welcome to a clean, safe & happy place for Youth, Adults and Seniors in Ascot, Sunningdale, Bracknell and surroundings to practise Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation in small group class setting or private sessions! Alternatively, I’ll come to you so you can do the practice in your own safe and happy place. Our practice has a non-religious focus but brings awareness and understanding of the deep workings of your mind-heart-body. I offer a genuine self-care taking practice for you to be present, deep connection with yourself and nature, have better chance to take good care of your emotional-social, physical-mental health. Explore, play, inquiry, attune and heart activities (physical and energetic heart) are the main focus in our practice.  Class at our studio in Ascot is for small group - maximum 8 people only. I offer 10% off for all NHS staffCome & try us - you'll love it!

5-week Children & Youth Mindfulness course - Present Moment Awareness ((Evidence-based) | Anxiety Relief practice

Beginners only and  Experienced only.

  • For 7 - 10 years old.

  • For 11 - 14 years old.

  • For 15 - 18 years old.

5-week Youth Yoga & Meditation course - Just BE | Anxiety Relief practice (18 - 25 years old)

  • Beginners only.

  • Experienced only.

In-person Yoga & Meditation workshop, course & retreat - Anxiety Relief practice

  • 2-weekend intensive Beginner REST & RESTORE course for those who find difficult to swich off.

  • 4-week course: Releasing burdens in your heart & refreshing your nervous system.

  • 4-week Beginner Yoga & Meditation course.

  • Sat workshop: Touch the World through your skin.

  • Lunch & Learn workshop - Ascot Women's health club - Happy & Healthy Menopause (Yoga, Meditation & Nutrient).

  • Retreat: Connecting to the 5 elements.


Ascot Yoga & Meditation weekly class (indoor) - Anxiety Relief practice

Loosen up, slow down, relax, de-stress and time for yourself

  • Anxiety Relief & Better Sleeping practice - Beginners Breath awareness class.

  • Fluidity & Vitality class for Beginners only.

  • Fluidity & Vitality class for Intermediate plus.

  • Beginners for Retirements | Better balance & strength.

  • Yoga & Thiền cho người Việt sống ở Anh bằng tiếng Việt.

  • Warriors' Club - Senior Beginner Chair Yoga & Meditation at Sunningdale Village Hall  | Better balance & strength.

Anxiety Relief practice Ascot Meditation on chair or cushion 

  • Beginner Meditation | Peace and Calmness

  • Experienced Meditation  | The Inner Eyes.

  • Peace chanting & meditation class.


Outdoor Yoga & Meditation:

  • Awe Walk group in Ascot,  Bracknell and surroundings (including Heart of Awe practice follows by an Awe Walk and Sitting Meditation on picnic chair or woodland floor as your choice).

  • Woodland Creative therapy retreat for mental heath @ Windsor Great Park| Yoga, Meditation, Painting and Basket making .


Live-on-Zoom Weekend courses & retreats - access recordings for 6 months:

  • The Inner Healer & Heart of Awe course | 13, 14 & 15 October 2023 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday | 5pm - 7pm).

  • Yoga & Meditation for Grief - A compassionate & loving heart Retreat on Saturday 2nd December 2023 - To honour, remember and to be at peace.

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4-week Beginner Morning_Yoga & Meditation course.jpg
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2-weekend Intensive Yoga & Meditation course SEP_Rest & Restore.jpg
02 Stretch & Strength class - Intermeditate plus_Yoga & Meditation.jpg
02 Beginner Yoga & Meditation_Destress and Time for yourself.jpg

 Uyen is such a lovely, generous, patient teacher who is full of smiles! She ran a yoga and mindfulness class for a group of school students and she was able to keep everyone engaged and feeling incredibly relaxed afterwards.
I would absolutely recommend her child and teen yoga classes.

N. Conde - St.George's school in Ascot

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