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Mental health and self-care practice at work


Somatic-Embodiment Yoga and Meditation techniques have consistently been shown to improve memory retention, enhance executive functions like attention span, boost productivity levelsimprove concentration, and reduce stress and frustration while improving overall well-being and helping to foster a positive work environment.

I treat the work that I do with your company colleagues with the same care, passion, knowledge and capabilities that you do as an employer. My aim is to give your staff members the tools to build and maintain mental and physical strength. My unique approach is in bridging the fields of yoga and meditation to cultivate lifelong wellbeing. Working with you as an employer, my ambition is to always leave individuals with clearer minds and focus to aid decision making and the ability to support themselves with tools and mindsets that work best for them.  

I have developed specialist courses and regular classes focusing on aspects such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma & grief relief alongside  corporate gatherings and events for people at work adapted to suit different age groups, gender, time, needs and experience:

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