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stress, anxiety, depression, trauma 

relief practice

somatic-embodiment yoga meditation

 (transform the relationship to yourself)

for adults & seniors (18 - 97 years old)

small group classes & private lessons

(at my studio in Ascot 8 -12 people per lesson)

Compassionate inquiry. Emotional resilience.

Inner peace. Reconnection.


I have spent 30 years exploring and developing my understanding of the genuinely transformative capabilities of somatic-embodiment mindfulness yoga meditation practice bring about the fundamental change in their state of being and relating to the world. My group classes, courses, workshops, half-day retreats and private, one-to-one and family lessons are specially designed to respond to the needs of all those struggle finding their purpose, resilience or experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, trauma as well as with physical discomfort. I have a wide range of flexible options to suit your needs and availability. Let's work together to rebuild your resilience and, most of all, your happiness and positivity.


Don't just take my word for it – read reviews from happy, satisfied clients on Google, my Facebook page, and the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) website. Thank you for considering my services. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being together!

I have been attending 1 to 1 classes with Uyen. I have done a lot of yoga and breath work in the last 12 years intermittently. Uyen’s approach is very different from what I have experienced before but I feel the experience has been transformative. She works from a place of deep knowledge and self awareness. She has a fabulous way of interacting and pushing me out of my comfort zone with techniques that I’m new to. I would highly recommend.


Henry Lunn

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